Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying wild Oslo - Linköping

Saturday at 15:00 GMT+1 we set out to fly to ESSL (Linköping) to visit relatives. The ceiling was good at Karlstad approximately 50 nm away. But between us and Karlstad there was a wall of CB with rain and extremely bad weather with low visibility and at a altitude of about 1200 msl and possibly around 500 agl with clouds right over us made me make the call to deviate back to our origin. Next day! New attempt the wall was still there but this time we managed to get under it at about 1500 feet msl. And well beyond it we was able to maintain 2000 feet for the rest of the journey. We landed at ESSL 1h and 50min after takeoff. 

On our way back we had realy good weather for most of the trip after takeoff from Saab/Linköping airport we requested 6000 feet. When we where in Örebro TMA we heard a distress call from a Cessna 172 who had lost engine power at 3000 feet and was unable to get back to the airport. The pilot made it out alive but the plane had rolled over on a field and is probably going to be wrecked. I hope the Pilot recovers and is able to get back on the "horse" in a short time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diamond DA40 NG!

Wow just wow, from flying Piper Archer III and today finally beeing able to test out the Diamond DA-40-NG. I do not want to go back to Archer, im sorry Piper. First it felt very strange going from the usual "stick" to use a "joystick" instead but you got pretty used to it quite fast, and from never flying a G1000 machine WOW! All the instruments in one screen, just amazing what an overview you get. I simply can not praise this aircraft enough. So I realy hope OFK upgrades their existing DA-40!

Here's a link to the official Diamond homepage klick Here.