Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Winter in Norway = IMC

Its December, and December in Norway means IMC, so no flying now for a while. I managed to fly 3 hours of VFR Night last week but now its christmas time and Il guess i will have to finish my night qualification next year.

However this is a perfect oportunity to study! I came across this site witch explains a timed VOR approach very well, so if you have Microsoft FSX or any other flight simulation software i suggest you take a look at the link here.

I'm also thinking about creating a video that explains the VOR approach, stay tuned!

Meanwhile heres a picture of an accident on ENHA (Hamar Airport) in Norway. This was right before we were about to take off and the micro airplane of type Zephyr Faeta made a hard landing and jumped back in the air when the left wing stalled and out in the forest it went.. Nobody was harmed in this accident.
LN-YCW in the hills..

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